Education and Children's Services digital engagement: participant information

Information for parents and carers invited to take part in the Education and Children's Services digital engagement.

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We are reviewing how parents and carers currently contact the council to seek support, access services or share information about their children. We want to make this easier for residents of Lancashire and we want to improve our use of technology to support these tasks wherever possible. 

We hope that the findings from this survey will help us to understand parent or carer's experience of contacting Lancashire County Council to access services or share information about their children (what works well, what requires improvement and what your ideas might be about using technology to improve access to services).  

The findings from the survey will inform two ongoing areas of development within the council. These are: 

  • The Growing Up Well Programme which aims to support effective information sharing across Lancashire.
  • The Education Management System Project which will replace the existing system used by the council to manage all school-based information (such as school admissions, appeals, applications for free school meals).

Julie Bell, Director of Education, Culture and Skills is the Senior Responsible Officer and Grant Murdoch is the Programme Manager. 

Who this survey is for

This survey is for parents and carers of children who live in Lancashire County or whose children go to school in Lancashire. You are also welcome to complete this survey if you plan to have children in the future who will live in, or attend school in Lancashire.

You are being asked to take part because you are the people who use our systems.  

Your experience means that you can tell us what works well and what does not. We cannot make the system easier for you if we don't know what your experiences are now. 

Taking part

The survey

If you choose to take part, we would firstly like you to complete a short survey. If you do not want to take part, you can choose not to complete the survey at all.

Within the survey, you will be asked if you want to share your name and contact details. You do not have to do this and can complete the survey anonymously.

Interviews and focus groups

We would also like to interview some people and invite them to future focus groups to further explore issues within the survey. The people in focus groups will be other parents and carers, as well as council service representatives.

We will ask within the survey if you are willing to take part in any of the follow up activity. You will be asked if you agree to being contacted by a member of our project team or attend a future focus group. You can say 'no' to this.

If you decide not to take part, your relationship with Lancashire County Council will not be affected.

Ending your participation

If you do say 'yes' but later change your mind. You can either notify us of your withdrawal by contacting our Participation and Engagement Lead, Shelley Saunderson ( or you can choose not to respond to any further communications or invites from the team.

If you do not respond to our first invite or communication but have not notified us that you wish to withdraw, please note that we may still try to contact you as we will not know that you have chosen not to take part. 

If at any point during the follow up meetings you want to stop, or no longer want to take part, you can do so without giving a reason. All you need to do is let us know, and we will end your participation.

Where we are able to identify information relating to a specific individual we will provide copies or delete upon request, in accordance with your information rights.

This will not affect your relationship with Lancashire County Council.  

Benefits and risks of taking part  

The benefit of taking part in this survey is that you will be helping to inform and design how parents and/or carers interact with the council with a view to making this easier. It may be that some of these ideas are developed in the short-term and others may be added to our plans for future development.  

There are no risks to taking part. However, during the course of your involvement, if you want to stop for any reason, please inform the Participation and Engagement Lead. You do not need to give a reason.  

Collecting your data

For those that do not wish to be included beyond completing the survey, all we will collect is the results of your survey, you are not required to provide any personal data if you submit anonymously. If you do share your contact details and name, we may use this to contact you to better understand your survey (request an interview), or to invite you to focus groups. 

Storing your data

We will not physically collect any data. Data that we collect electronically (for example survey results, consent forms, emails, and meeting notes) will be held on securely using MS Teams and the Programme Offices file storage area.

All data is subject to a 2-year retention period. We will not store your data for longer than this period, but we may delete it before then. 

Keeping your data safe

Data we collect will be managed by Shelley Saunderson (Participation and Engagement Lead, Education Management System and Growing Up Well)  

Sharing your data 

Data will be accessible to those professionals involved with the two identified projects. Beyond this, we will share only anonymised data that does not identify you.

Only in specific circumstances would we share identifiable data, and this would be on a limited, needs-to-know basis and only for survey purposes. For more information about this, please see our privacy notice.


We may use anonymised quotes in our reports and presentations. Other than that, your responses to questions or input into follow up discussions will not be identified to an individual. 

There are some very specific situations where we are obliged by law to pass your information to third parties regardless of consent. This is only in instances where sharing your data is important to protect yourself and/or others.  For example, in instances when we become aware of: 

  1. A risk of harm to a child or a vulnerable person
  2. An immediate, serious risk to your own safety
  3. An immediate, serious risk to the safety of others

Contact us

If you wish to discuss the project further, you can do so by contacting Shelley Saunderson, Participation and Engagement Lead (
If you consider that your personal data has been misused or mishandled, if you want a copy of the data, or if you want us to delete your data, you can contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO): 
Post: Information Governance Team 
         Lancashire County Council 
         PO Box 78 
         County Hall 
         PR1 8XJ  
Please note that sometimes we anonymise your data to keep it confidential. This means we may no longer be able to identify which data belongs to you, meaning we are unable to give you a copy of your data or delete it. We will also automatically delete your data once the retention period has passed or delete data when it is no longer needed. Therefore, we may longer hold the data that you request. 
Thank you for considering taking part in the survey.

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