Youth Online - Understanding Radicalisation Survey


A national youth online survey is being carried out by the National Counter Terrorism Policing HQ. We are inviting young people from across the UK to take part in the short, online survey to find out how you are affected by the serious issues of radicalisation and travel to areas of conflict such as Syria and Iraq.

We want you to share your views and opinions on this important issue, not only to help increase our understanding of how best the police service can challenge misperceptions, but also to enable us to communicate with you more effectively. This is your opportunity to influence change and help us improve access to information.

The online survey is part of wider activity including a series of youth consultations we ran across the UK in October around the issue of travel to areas of conflict such as Syria and Iraq for young people aged between 15-18.

Through these consultations we were able to explore what factors influence and inform your perceptions, opinions and beliefs; what issues inspire and motivate you to support a cause; and identifying the best ways for police to communicate with you on issues related to travel to areas of conflict.

All participants in the survey will remain anonymous and the information provided will only be used for the purposes of this research. You do, however, have the option of contacting us if you want to volunteer to participate in further debates and local initiatives. Anyone who is under 18 and wishes to contact us please seek permission from your parent or guardian.

The findings from the survey will be really important in supporting broader activity underway by police and partner agencies to inform communities about the dangers of travelling to conflict areas.

Please follow this link to complete the online survey.