Smokefree Youth Zones & Centres


Lancashire County Council are working with young people to implement a smokefree policy in the outdoor areas of Youth Zones and Centres to protect them from the harm done by tobacco.

Although smoking rates have reduced in Lancashire, currently around one in ten (11%) young people continue to smoke, with the majority starting before they are 18, the legal age of sale.

Research has shown that the implementation of smokefree zones reduces young people's exposure to smoking and de-normalises tobacco use within the community. In the long term this assists in decreasing uptake of smoking by young people and also reduces the amount of cigarette litter that is hazardous to ecosystems and wildlife. 


Further to this, the Council has introduced a voluntary smokefree policy in park play areas and is now working with the youth teams to extend this to our centres. A competition was held with young people over the summer to design the smokefree zone sign, which was recently judged by County Councillor Ali, our Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing.


A wide range of amazing and innovative designs were received from across the County. Two joint winning designs were picked, which were drawn by Sauna Robinson, Rowan Thompson from Morecambe and Devon Jacques from Lancaster. Both winners received a £40 Love2Shop voucher. A design created by Beth Woods from Preston came runner up and she received a £20 Love2Shop voucher. These will now be developed into signs, which will be installed across all Youth Zones and Centres over the next couple of months. Thank you to all of the young people who took the time to create a design.


Quitting smoking completely and being addiction-free is the best way to protect your health. We know that this isn’t easy but help is available. With support from a local stop smoking service you are four times more likely to quit than going it alone. They can help with one to one support and access to licensed stop smoking medicines that can be used to help to beat the cravings. These are available to young people aged 12 years and above and are free to under 16’s and those on benefits.


For help to quit smoking contact your local service:

  • 0800 328 6297 if you live in East, Central and West Lancashire

01524 845145 for North Lancashire.