Winter in Lancashire
Winter in Lancashire

When the bad weather strikes this winter, our fleet of gritters and snow ploughs will be working hard to keep Lancashire's roads moving.

You can view regular updates on the decisions to grit the county's roads and pavements below.

North Lancashire

22/03/2017 12:26

Selected priority routes in Wyre, Fylde & Lancaster will be gritted this evening.

Cloudy this afternoon with bands of showery rain rotating their way northwards. Some heavy bursts will be likely, particularly over upland routes. From around 21:00 this evening, the bulk of the showery rain will clear away northwards, leaving behind just a few very isolated showers. Whilst it will remain cloudy for the most part, a few clear breaks will develop and, where these are lengthy, RSTs will become marginal. Over the colder, upland routes, RSTs could dip a fraction below zero. Later in the night, cloud will return from the east and RSTs will recover a little.