Lytham - Fylde

Eligible properties                                                                

Zone A Eligible properties
Cleveland Road 1-47 odds
2-46 evens
Talbot Terrace 1-11 odds
2-10 evens
Westby Street 2-98 evens
9-99 odds
101-109 inclusive
Station Road 1-17 odds,
Bannister Street 7-13 odds,
Holmefield Cottage
North Clifton Street 1-65 odds,
30-32 evens,
50-54 inclusive
South Westby Street 7 ONLY
Pleasant Street 3-13 odds
Clifton Street 1-89 odds

Price of permits

Permit type  Price
Resident permit £25.00 each
Visitor permit £25.00 each
Doctor permit £20.00
Business permit  £125.00

Number of permits per household

Two resident permits and two visitor permits will be issued per household.

How to apply for a permit

To apply please refer to our on-street parking permits terms and conditions.