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Blue Badges

The Blue Badge scheme is to help people with severe mobility problems park close to their destination.

The Department of Transport has provided more information about the rights and responsibilities of a blue badge holder including where they can and cannot park. For example, a blue badge holder can park for up to three hours on a double/single yellow line. However, if they park on dropped crossings, they would be causing an obstruction to other road users and so, could be liable to receive a penalty charge notice.

How to apply for or renew a Blue Badge

Apply online for a Blue Badge via the official GOV.UK website.

Start your application for a Blue Badge >

See our how to apply guide (PDF 362 KB) for hints and tips.

All applications are treated as a new application, even if you have held a Blue Badge previously.

A renewal notice will be issued automatically 6 weeks prior to your renewal date.

You will be required to provide up to date proof of your identity, proof of residency, a passport size photograph taken within the last 12 months and proof of any relevant benefits you are entitled to.

These can be uploaded onto the online application form. Alternatively, the documents and photograph can be emailed to or posted to the Blue Badge service.

In line with all other local authorities across the country, a £10 charge is payable for every successful blue badge application. This charge helps cover some of the administration costs and will be charged for every application regardless of whether a Blue Badge has been held previously.

You will be asked for payment during the application process, but you will only be charged the £10 fee if your application is successful. Payment should be made by credit or debit card and can be made online or over the telephone using:

Visa, Maestro, MasterCard and Solo

Refunds will only be issued where payment has been taken in error. Returns or cancellations are not accepted.

Blue badge scam

Please be aware of Blue Badge scam websites which charge more than £10 (usually £49) for an application which won’t guarantee that a Blue Badge will be issued to you.

These websites are not associated with the Blue Badge Service and the application form supplied by these websites is not accepted by local authorities.

If your application is refused

If your application is refused, it is unlikely that you are currently eligible for a Blue Badge. If you feel that you have wrongly been refused a Blue Badge, you can request a review of the decision within 28 days of the date of receiving the refusal. The request must be made in writing (by letter or email) to the Blue Badge Supervisor and detail:

  • If you feel that you did not provide enough information on the application form, explaining what information was missing.
  • Why it is felt that the decision is wrong. 
  • You may be asked to provide medical confirmation of your disability / medical condition.

You will receive a response to your request within 28 days of receipt.

If your application is still refused after requesting a review of the decision, this decision will be final and no further application can be made within three months of the final decision.


You could automatically qualify for a Blue Badge if you are:

  • In receipt of the higher rate of the mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance.
  • In receipt of 8 points or more for the 'Moving Around' element of the mobility component of Personal independence Payment (PIP)*
  • In receipt of a war pensioner's mobility supplement.
  • Registered blind (partially sighted is not an automatic qualification for a badge).
Please check your benefit to ensure you qualify before starting the application. In particular if you receive PIP check that you have 8 points or more in the moving around element.

You may qualify for a badge if you are more than three years old and either:

  • Have a permanent and substantial disability which means you are unable to walk or have considerable difficulty in walking.
  • Drive a motor vehicle regularly, have a severe disability in both arms and are unable to operate all or some types of parking meters.

You may be asked to provide medical evidence to support your condition.

*A photocopy of the full PIP document including the points breakdown is required for applications under this category. The front page of the letter will not be enough.

Children under the age of 3 years

A parent of a child who is less than three years old may apply for a badge for their child if the child has a specific medical condition which means they:

  • Must always be accompanied by bulky medical equipment which can not be carried around with the child without great difficulty and/or;
  • Need to be kept near a vehicle at all times so that they can if necessary be treated in the vehicle or quickly driven to a place where they can be treated such as a hospital.

You may be asked to provide medical evidence of your child's condition.

Organisational badges

Blue Badges for organisations may be issued to an organisation for use in a motor vehicle used solely for the purpose of transporting disabled people who would themselves be eligible for a badge.  An organisation is defined as meaning an organisation concerned with the care of disabled persons to which a disabled person's badge may be issued.

You will be required to provide proof of any vehicle adaptations and Disabled Passenger Vehicle (DPV) excise exemption.

The rules about eligibility for a Blue Badge have changed considerably. Even if you have been issued with a Blue Badge in the past, this does not mean that you will be able to get one again.

Report Blue Badge misuse

Blue Badges remain the property of the issuing authority who can ask for the badge to be returned if it is misused.

The Blue badge is for use by the badge holder only. It is an offence to allow other people to use the Blue Badge to:

  • do something on your behalf such as shopping whilst you stay at home;
  • allow friends or family to park for free even if they are visiting you;
  • let non-disabled people take advantage of the benefits while you sit in the car.

The maximum fine for someone convicted is £1,000 plus any additional penalty for the related parking offence. 

If you see a badge being misused, please email the team at or contact the Customer Access Service on 0300 123 6736. Please include the location, description of the driver and badge number.  We will deal with all information confidentially.

If your badge is lost or stolen

Report online if your badge lost or stolen or contact our Customer Access Service on 0300 123 6736.  

A £10 charge is payable  for replacement badges which have been lost, damaged or stolen. However, no charge will be made to customers who can provide evidence to state that they have had their Blue Badge stolen. Payment for replacement Badges should be made by credit or debit card.

If the Blue Badge is no longer used

Please return the badge to Blue Badge service.

How to make a complaint

If you wish to make a complaint regarding your Blue Badge application please do so in writing to the address below:


If you wish to write to us:

Blue Badge Service
PO BOX 100 
County Hall


Telephone: 0300 123 6736