Infection prevention resources

Audit tools

A planned programme of audits must be included within your care setting. Useful tools can be found on the Infection Prevention Society website.


Hand Wash (World Health Organisation)

Hand Rub (World Health Organisation)

Sharps Safety – Please refer to your sharps bin supplier and occupational health

Cleaning colour code (PDF 113 KB)

6 Stage handwash poster for Primary Schools (PDF 300 KB)

Did you know.... hand wash posters for Secondary Schools (PDF 258 KB)

Colour in handwash poster for Primary Schools (PDF 474 KB)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (PDF 539 KB)

Printable information

NHS Choices is a great website for information, guidance and management of health care associated infection; such as C.difficile, MRSA, Scabies and many more.


Hand washing technique

Will you be an antibiotic guardian?

Introduction to Sepsis