Don't judge a book by its cover at Clayton Green Library

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Visitors to Clayton Green Library are being challenged to Try Something New until the end of March.

Children and adults are being encouraged to pick a book from their Random Read display, rather than to select a book based on a certain style, specific author, or what the front cover looks like.

A range of different types of books from various authors have been wrapped to hide their cover.

Customers are asked to read the first chapter to see if they like it. Each book also includes a review sheet, so that readers can share their thoughts on what they've read.

County Councillor Peter Buckley, Lancashire County Council's cabinet member for community and cultural services, said: "We might not like to admit it, but many people, myself included, sometimes choose their books on the basis of a quick scan of the cover. What the cover looks like affects what interests us and how we react to it.

"People also tend to stick to a certain type of book or author. We hope that customers will enter in to the spirit of this mystery challenge, try something new, and then let us know what they think about the book. If they like the book after reading the first chapter, they simply carry on reading the book, if they don't then they will at least have tried a book that they wouldn't normally choose.

"It's a bit of fun, but the unknown element of it could also encourage us all to push our boundaries. We are already getting some very positive comments from people who have already chosen from the Random Read selection."

Anyone who lives in the UK can join a Lancashire library, either online or by visiting in person. Membership is free and there are no age restrictions.

For more information go to or call 0300 123 6703.


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