Consultation on the future of Hameldon Community College to go ahead

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lancashire County Council's Cabinet agreed today to consult on the future of Hameldon Community College in Burnley, including its possible closure with effect from 31 August 2018.

County Councillor Susie Charles, Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Schools, said: "A number of circumstances have combined to make this consultation necessary.

"Despite considerable support over many years, the school hasn't been able to overcome its significant challenges, which include long-term problems attracting pupils, and associated issues around educational standards and finances.

"We have been concerned about the situation for a while, and have made considerable efforts to try to turn this situation around. The governors have taken the same view and now think that it is time for us to consider the long-term future of the school.

"The consultation is open to everyone and I really hope that people will take the opportunity to tell us what they think and identify some potential future options. Our paramount concern is always to provide the best education we can for all young people."

The consultation will begin on Monday 11 September, and run until Friday 20 October. All interested parties are encouraged to take part.

A consultation event, which will be attended by education officers from the county council, will be held during this period to give parents, staff and other interested parties the chance to ask questions and express any views they may have.

A consultation document containing a questionnaire, full details of the proposal, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and how to book an appointment at the consultation event will be available for the beginning of the new school year at:

The consultation will start on 11 September, after the summer holidays. The timescale for the first part of the process is:

  • Cabinet decision to consult: 10 August 2017

  • First stage of public consultation, when people can express their views in a number of ways: 11 September – 20 October

  • Report back on consultation to Cabinet and decision on the next steps to take: 7 December

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