Fleetwood Maritime Museum to reopen

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Fleetwood Maritime Museum will reopen in time for the busy Easter period while a deal is finalised for the Fleetwood Museum Trust to take over its operation.

A decision today by Lancashire County Council means the doors will reopen on Friday 14 April, with the museum being staffed by the Trust's volunteers. The council will manage the museum until the formal transfer of the service is completed, expected to be no later than the start of June.

The Trust asked the council to help them take advantage of one of the peak times of the year by ensuring the museum can welcome visitors during the school Easter holidays.

The museum was one of five closed last year to achieve some of the huge savings the council needs to make due to government cuts to its budget and rising demand for services.

Negotiations have since taken place with a number of organisations which have expressed an interest in operating the five museums.

Ian Watson, libraries, museums, and registrars manager, said: "The county council has been working hard to ensure the museums are once again available to the public, with our efforts being focused on talking with organisations which have expressed an interest in taking them on – in the meantime we've continued to maintain the collections and buildings.

"The legal agreements to transfer the operation of the maritime museum from the county council to the Fleetwood Museum Trust are almost complete.

"It therefore makes good business sense to ensure the museum can attract visitors over Easter with the help of volunteers from the Trust who we hope will take it on entirely in a few weeks' time."

The county council will pay for what are expected to be fairly minimal extra costs of heating and lighting the museum until it transfers to the Fleetwood Museum Trust.

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