New funding means big boost for Lancaster bus service

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Lancaster's number 18 bus service will run much more frequently thanks to funding available to improve the route as a result of the planning process.

Service 18 currently operates 4 times a day, serving the eastern part of the city from the bus station via Williamson Park, the Leisure Park and Lancaster Farms.

From 6 March 2017 the service will be improved to run every 30 mins during the day Monday to Saturday, thanks to funding towards local transport improvements agreed between the developer of the Lancaster Moor Hospital housing site and Lancaster City Council.

A decision to introduce the new bus service, which will be run by Stagecoach, was taken by County Councillor John Fillis, Lancashire County Council cabinet member for highways and transport.

County Councillor Fillis said: "This funding will allow us to make this service much more frequent, and therefore more appealing to passengers, as the more regular services will make it easier for people to use for everyday journeys for work, education, or leisure."

Based on estimations, it is expected the funding available will enhance the service for up to 19 months, although this is dependent on the actual level of passenger usage. This period may be extended should further developer funding become available, to allow more time for the service to become established as commercially viable.

County Councillor Fillis added: "We will be working to promote the service, and our hope is that we will receive more developer funding to give further time for it to attract enough regular fare-paying passengers to become well-established and commercially viable. I would encourage people to support the new service."

The first service will run from Lancaster bus station at 6.55am, with the final departure being 6:15pm.

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