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Chorley library was opened on 5th June 1986 by Chorley Library's Union Street building was opened in October 1906 as the Chorley Technical and Secondary School (Grammar School). In 1962 it was used as a College of Further Education and since 1986 has been the public library.

Chorley library was opened on 5th June 1986 by County Councillor Mrs M P Case. It replaced an older library on Avondale Road that opened in 1899. The present building was the old grammar school. The library was administered by Chorley Borough until 1974, when the administration was transferred to Lancashire County Council.

Chorley Library Building celebrated its Centenary in 2006. See the brochure - Celebrating 100 years of the Chorley Public Library building 1906-2006.

Chorley Library held a celebration event on 4th October 2006 to commemorate the 100th year of the building and displayed a range of material from each era of its past. Pictures can be seen at the Lancashire Lantern site.
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