Net additional dwellings and demolitions

Net additional dwellings

For the 2015/16 financial year, the net additional dwellings figures for England revealed a noticeable yearly increase to 189,650, up from 170,690 a year earlier. The 2015/16 figure was the greatest total for England since 2007/08 (223,530).  

For the Lancashire-14 area, the net additional dwellings total for 2015/16 was 4,130, just marginally lower than the previous year (4,160). These numbers are greater than the previous six years, when totals ranged between 2,040 and 2,980. Since 2001/02, the largest number for the Lancashire-14 area was recorded in 2003/04 (5,870).

In 2015/16, Chorley (610), Lancaster (480), Preston (480) and South Ribble (430) recorded the greatest increases in the Lancashire-14 area, whilst Pendle (130), Rossendale (120), Hyndburn (100) and Blackburn with Darwen (100) had the lowest.

For the Lancashire-12 area, the 2015/16 net additional dwelling figure of 3,770 was fewer than in 2014/15 (3,840), but was higher than the preceding nine years. Since 2001/02, the largest total for the Lancashire-12 area was recorded in 2003/04 (4,980).

Over the eight year period from 2008/09 to 2015/16, the total number of net additional dwellings in the Lancashire-14 area was 23,010 (20,260 in the Lancashire-12 area).

Chorley (4,490) has seen the greatest total number of net additional dwellings since 2008/09 in the Lancashire-14 area, followed by Preston (2,710), South Ribble (2,250), Fylde (1,890), Wyre (1,850), West Lancashire (1,790) and Lancaster (1,590). All seven of these local authorities lie in the west part of the Lancashire-14 area. Hyndburn (640), Burnley (290) and Pendle (130), all within East Lancashire, have registered the lowest number of net additional dwellings in the Lancashire-14 area since 2008/09.

Demolitions and change of use

The Lancashire-14 area has a large number of old terraced properties at the lower end of the price range that present significant issues. New dwelling stock is vitally important, but parts of the Lancashire-14 area also have to address the problems of a dysfunctional housing-market in certain areas, especially in the east of the area. The demolition results, however, point to relatively small numbers of dwellings across the Lancashire-14 area that are being removed from the housing stock.

In 2015/16, the net additional dwellings figure for the Lancashire-14 area (4,130) included just 60 demolitions, offset by new build (+3,390), net change of use (+630), net other gains and losses (+90) and net conversions (+80). Out of Blackpool's 250 net additional dwellings, 100 were owing to a change of use and there were no demolitions.

Further analysis

Net additional dwellings and demolitions, 2015/16 (PDF 252 KB)

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