Environmental protection, leisure and landowners

Protecting the Lancashire-14 area environment 

The Lancashire-14 area has significant wildlife assets, many of which are protected by international, European Union and national designation.

The 76 square kilometre West Pennine Moors site of special scientific interest was designated in 2016, the largest new site since 2004.


The Lancashire Environment Record Network, hosted by Lancashire County Council, provides an important repository for local sightings of species, and these are available on a variety of National Biodiversity Network web tools.

Parks, gardens and local greenspace

In 2016 there were 53 Green Flag award winners in the Lancashire-14 area.

Common land and ownership

There are 8,400 hectares of common land in the Lancashire-14 area

Further analysis

Lancashire's environmental assets (PDF 238 KB) 

Page updated May 2017