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Alcohol and drug misuse

The facts

  • 7,000 people in Lancashire are problem drug users.
  • 8,000 children in Lancashire live in households with parents or carers who are substance misusers.
  • Tens of thousands of people are drinking at harmful or hazardous levels.

The risks

Visit the NHS choices website for more information about alcohol and drugs misuse including the risks of drinking too much and substance abuse.

Would you like help?

Each year over 7,000 adults and nearly 1,000 young people receive specialist help for a primary drug or alcohol problem in Lancashire. You are not on your own and we can help you.

We can provide:

  • needle exchanges
  • advice on harm reduction
  • psychosocial interventions
  • substitute prescribing
  • group work
  • individual counselling
  • referral to residential detoxification and rehabilitation (aged 18 plus)

We deliver these services from venues in all the main towns and cities in Lancashire including:

  • the five prisons
  • numerous primary care centres and GP surgeries

Our data shows that the treatments we offer have increased the number of individuals and families recovering from substance misuse.

For help contact the following services:

Adult drug and alcohol treatment service

North Lancashire - Inspire North Lancashire

East Lancashire - Inspire East Lancashire

Central Lancashire - Discover

Young people's drug and alcohol treatment service

(up to 25 years)

Young Addaction