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Cancer and work

We offer advice to people affected by cancer with work related issues from trained and experienced employment officers.

Cancer-related illnesses are one of the main causes of long-term sickness absence. Many people with cancer, or who have had cancer, wish to stay in work or return to work. They may see work as providing some normality during a difficult time, or work may be a financial necessity. Sometimes people with cancer who wish to return to work struggle to do so, because of a lack of up to date knowledge from health professionals and employers.

We can offer:

Support in work - Advice on employment rights, workplace issues and return to work plans.

Support finding work - We can discuss your options to suit your abilities and interests including retraining if appropriate.

To access our service you can self-refer or a healthcare professional with permission can make a referral (for example your GP, consultant, nurse, or charitable organisations offering cancer support).

Please refer by contacting us on: