Increased allowances for our foster carers

In recognition of the valuable work of foster carers and increasing costs, we are raising our allowances for new foster carers by at least £115 per week. Newly approved foster carers can expect to receive between £241 and £415 for each child they care for.

If you have considered fostering before but weren't sure you could afford it, please get in touch and find out if it could now be a viable option for you.

Our new allowances payable each week are shown below. All new foster carers will start on tier 2, and in some cases on tier 3 depending on the needs of the child they are caring for.

'Boarding out' allowance per child

  • 0-4 years :  £126.00
  • 5-10 years:  £139.00
  • 11-15 years :  £159.00
  • 16+ years :  £185.00

Additional tier allowance*

  • Tier 2 – Boarding Out + £115
  • Tier 3 - Boarding Out + £230
  • Tier 3+ – Boarding Out and based on child's additional needs

Foster carers then have the opportunity to progress onto tier 3 once they have gained skills and experience and shown willingness to take on extra responsibility.

To give an example, if a foster carer was caring for a sibling group of 3 children aged 5-10 on tier 2, they would receive -

Boarding out allowance   £139 x 3 = £417
Tier 2 allowance  £115 x 3 = £345
Total allowance  £762 per week


Our parent and child placements also have enhanced allowances to reflect the extra challenges for foster carers. As an example, weekly payments are currently £556 for one baby and a parent or £912 for two young children and a parent.

 *The increased allowance is dependent on new foster carers continuing to meet their responsibilities around attending support groups and training. Foster carers who can't meet this will lose the additional tier allowance payment.