Flooding in Lancashire
Flooding in Lancashire

Alterations to a watercourse

Permission to carry out work on an Ordinary Watercourse.

Lancashire County Council is responsible for ordinary watercourse regulation within the county. Ordinary watercourses include drains, streams, ditches, and passages through which water flows that do not form part of main rivers. Main rivers are managed by the Environment Agency.

If you are looking to carry out construction work or make alterations to a watercourse you need to get permission from the county council first, under the Land Drainage Act 1991 (sometimes known as land drainage consent).

Please email your enquiry to FRM@lancashire.gov.uk  you can also use this for general enquiries about the process.

You can apply for consent for works to ordinary watercourses by using the ordinary watercourse consent application form and emailing it through to FRM@lancashire.gov.uk. Paper copies will be accepted but will take longer to process. Please read the ordinary watercourse application form guidance to help you to complete the application form.

There is a £50.00 fee for land drainage consent cheques must be made payable to ‘Lancashire County Council’, on the reverse side include the reference ‘Ordinary watercourse consent’ and location details.


Lancashire County Council,
Flood Risk Management Room,
C12 County Hall,

Email: FRM@lancashire.gov.uk