The Great Mythical Fleetwood Hunt (Fleetwood) #LancsRJ

Tuesday, 18 July 2017 from 09:00 - 19:00

Make tracks to the library this summer and set forth on our fantastic hunt around Fleetwood. The Lancashire Reading Journey characters will be hiding in businesses right across Fleetwood and it's your job to seek them out. You've got until September to find them all so take up the challenge for a chance to win prizes!

This event is free, no ticket required.

Calling All Explorers!

Visit your local Library from July 15th to sign up for the Lancashire Reading Journey. 

This year the challenge is all about collecting characters by completing various tasks.

You can sign up for free at any library, where you'll be given your own Reading Journey Log Book and pencil.  There are 13 characters to collect, each with four tasks.  Reading, Writing, Making and Exploring.   To achieve a character you have to finish two of them. One needs to be the Reading task but the second can be your choice!

You can collect as many characters as you wish and you'll receive a sticker for each one and a special prize if you reach six!

There'll be lots of activities taking place across all our libraries over the summer weeks, plus plenty of ideas to keep you entertained.  So make sure you visit from the 15th July and start your Reading Journey!

For more information, please contact us