Children and Family Wellbeing Service Privacy Notice

This guidance explains how Lancashire County Council's Children and Family Wellbeing Service (previously the Wellbeing, Prevention & Early Help Service) manages your personal information and explains:

  • What we do
  • Why we ask for some information about you
  • How we make sure your information is kept safe
  • Who may see your information and why

What is the Children and Family Wellbeing Service?

Children and Family Wellbeing Service (CFW) is part of Lancashire County Council. The focus of the service is about: 

  • Supporting the vulnerable
  • Supporting family life
  • Enabling learning
  • Preparing for work
  • Improving community safety
  • Promoting health & wellbeing
  • Developing healthier places

The service aims to achieve these outcomes through Children Centres, Young People's Service, and Early Help programmes.

Why do we need information about you?

We are required by law to hold some information about you - we record and store this and some other information to help us to:

  1. Ensure you are safe and well:
    • If you get involved in some activities, we will need to know your contact details and perhaps some medical information in case of emergency.
    • Make sure you are protected from harm.
  2. Provide you with the right support at the right time:
    • You may come to us to ask for support, or we may contact you in some circumstances to offer an opportunity for help.
  3. Give you access to information and opportunities:
    • You may access our website or centres for information. We need to ask for some information here to keep in touch with you and to let you know of opportunities.
  4. Report on and improve the way we work:
    • We need to monitor and evaluate how we do – this helps us plan better services for the future and compare ourselves with other similar services.
    • We may also undertake research or allow others to do so, to evidence how well we are doing.

What Information do we hold?

We are required to gather some information from other organisations for some of our duties. An example is from colleges to ensure we have an accurate picture about 16-19 year olds who are in education.

We hold personal information to enable us to identify you and keep in touch with you, including:

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your address
  • Your telephone number
  • School/college details

We may also hold more sensitive information which is to help us to give you any targeted support you might need, such as educational needs, your GP's contact details or your employment status.

Our aim is only to hold information to help us give you the right support at the right time, for example if you would like support to access to other services. This data is only recorded when it is appropriate and with your knowledge.

How do we protect information about you?

Everyone working in or with the WPEHS is under a legal duty to keep your electronic or paper records confidential and secure, whether storing, sharing or disposing of it.

Staff who are authorised to have access to the WPEHS databases or other records have been trained in using those systems within the law and within rules applied by Lancashire County Council on data security and information sharing. All employees are aware of how to handle paper and electronic records securely.

We also aim to make sure that all information about you is accurate and as up-to-date as possible, which is why we will check it with you when we see you.

When may we share your information and why?

We will not share any identifying sensitive information about you with anyone outside of Lancashire County Council without informing you or gaining your consent, unless the law says we must. This can only be when the organisation who receives the information accepts their legal duty for data protection and either:

  • there is a risk to yours or another person's wellbeing or
  • to prevent crime and disorder

We may have some duties, described in the next section below, to share personal or sensitive information of your involvement with WPEH to provide evidence that we are doing effective work, (please see the next section below). We will ask your consent to do this as soon as possible.

Duties to report personal information to other organisations:

The following organisations require us to share your personal information because of:

  • research purposes for the improvement of services for you and others or
  • providing evidence that the service is being effective

Any support, services or benefits you receive are not affected by the following requirements:


Ofsted may ask for temporary access to information about the nature of our work with some people to help them make a judgement about the quality of our work, for example, during the inspection of Children's Centres. They may also want to talk to you about this.

Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG)

If your family has agreed to be involved in CAF assessment and a 'Team around the Family', we may be required to share your personal information securely with the Government department known as the DCLG. This will include personal information (name, address, DOB), and some information about your involvement in the service. We will talk to you about this at the start of your involvement. Your information will be treated with the highest security at all times.

Department of Education (DfE)

By law, the WPEHS has to provide a monthly report to the Department of Education about young people's education, employment or training.

This is why WPEHS needs to keep in contact with Lancashire young people either directly or through contact with schools and colleges, to ensure information is up-to-date and accurate and so that we can improve opportunities for young people.

Accessing your records

You are entitled to know what information we hold about you. If you find that any of your information is wrong, tell us so that we can correct it.

If you want access to the information please visit the Your rights to access your information page:

If you have a query or complaint about how we use your information in the WPEHS, please contact:

Quality and Review Officer
WPEHS, Lancashire County Council, P.O. Box 78 County Hall, Fishergate Hill, Preston PR1 8XJ

Our Commitments to you:

  • Any personal or sensitive information about you will be stored securely in electronic or in paper form.
  • We will protect your information from being misused and treat your information with the highest standards of confidentiality
  • Your records will be updated with any changes to ensure information about you is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. We need your help to do this.
  • We will ask for permission to share your information unless the law says differently:
  • Information about you will only be shared without consent when there is a risk to your or another person's wellbeing; to prevent crime and disorder, when it is required by Law. You will be informed if this happens whenever possible.
  • We will inform you why we are using your information - and we will only use it for those purposes.
  • We will not ask you about anything which is not relevant to your involvement and participation in the Service or the support you need at the time.
  • We will respect your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998 - this includes your right to see information that has been recorded about you.
  • We keep personal records for some time after you have stopped participating within the services we offer. This is so that you can restart later if you chose to or to report on things that have happened in the past.
  • Your records will be safely archived or destroyed according to LCC Retention and Archiving policy.