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Current status of the scheme

The majority of the works on the Pennine Reach Scheme have been completed including:

  • Accrington Bus Station, opened 10th July 2016 
  • Rishton – Blackburn Road/High Street/Harwood Road junction
  • Great Harwood Interchange
  • Park Road, Great Harwood – road widening works
  • Hare & Hounds junction phase 1- preliminary works including new traffic signals
  • Car parks at Warwick Avenue, Clayton Hall Drive, Clayton Street and Canal Street
  • Church Gateway
  • Various bus stops and shelters

Outstanding and upcoming works

There are a few elements of the Pennine Reach scheme that are still in progress. 

Works Proposed start date Proposed completion date
Northside of the Hare & Hounds junction, Clayton le Moors Monday 12 December  2016 Works are expected to take approximately 2 weeks.
Southside of the Hare & Hounds junction, Clayton le Moors To Be Determined – subject to land acquisition and consultation.

A public consultation on the proposed traffic regulation order for the works is required and a decision made before any works can commence. This consultation will take place once the land off Whalley Road required to construct residents parking spaces has been acquired. Further updates will be provided at this time..

North of the Hare & Hounds junction (Great Harwood side), Clayton le Moors

Works are planned to start on the 12 December 2016 at the north side of the Hare & Hound junction, Clayton Le Moors and are expected to last for approximately 2 weeks (weather permitting).

Works will be concentrated in around the Whalley Road/ Duke Street area and in the vicinity of Mill Street on Whalley Road and will include

  • The introduction of TROs to prohibit and limit waiting at A680 Whalley Road, A678 Blackburn Road, A678 Burnley Road, Canal Street, Duke Street, Earl Street, King Street
  • The relocation of bus stops and installation of new bus shelters:  The northbound bus stop will remain in its current location although the bus shelter will move onto the footway. The southbound bus stop will be moved back from the junction to the corner of Whalley Road and Duke Street and a shelter will be installed
  • a new build out at the junction of Duke Street with Whalley Road that will make Duke Street a left turn only out on to Whalley Road. There will be no right turn into Duke Street from Whalley Road

Parking restrictions will be in place during the working day and traffic management will be in operation for the duration

Due to the busy location there may be some disruption to passing traffic.  However, we will endeavour to reduce any disruption by adopting restricted working hours as and when needed, avoiding peak hours (work will start after 09:15 am) and having manual traffic control in place.  Evening work may also be required to complete some of the changes around Duke Street but this will be kept to a minimum

Access will be maintained to properties and business along Whalley Road throughout the works. 

The work involves improving and relocation of the existing bus stops to enable new bus shelters to be installed.  Consequently, it may be necessary to temporarily relocate the bus stops to an alternative position close by whilst works are taking place in the vicinity of the stop.  The temporary stops will be clearly marked.

The Pennine Reach proposals for the south side (Accrington side ) of the junction, including the proposed bus priority lane, are still to be fully consulted on and are not programmed at this time.  They will not be included in the works programmed for December 2016.

South of the Hare & Hounds junction(Accrington side) , Clayton le Moors

The Pennine Reach proposals for the south side (Accrington side ) of the junction are still to be fully consulted on and are not programmed at this time.  They will not be included in the works programmed for December 2016.

Proposals include:

  • A dedicated bus lane on Whalley Road on approach to the Hare and Hounds junction, northbound
  • On street parking would not be permitted along the length of the bus lane on both sides of Whalley Road
  • New alternative (replacement) parking areas are being considered behind the houses on Whalley Road and a new car park on the site of the former St James' church on Clayton Street (this car park is complete)