Highway asset management In Lancashire

Lancashire's transport infrastructure assets are the most valuable publicly owned resource managed by the county council, with a combined estimated value of over £10 billion as at June 2015.  These assets are fundamental in helping the citizens of Lancashire to not only access a range of county council services, but also take advantage of the wide range of economic, health, social and recreational opportunities that are available to them.  Without this infrastructure Lancashire would not function as a place to live, work or visit.

Within Lancashire, highway asset management has been defined as:

"A systematic approach to meeting the strategic need for the management and maintenance of highway infrastructure assets through long term planning and optimal allocation of resources in order to manage risk and meet the performance requirements of the authority in the most efficient and sustainable manner".

Highways asset management framework

An overarching document that provides a framework for highway asset management in Lancashire.

Highway Management Plan

Sets out how the County Council intends to manage and maintain our highway asset network in Lancashire

Resilient route network

Keeping Lancashire moving: The resilient route network are those roads designated a high priority to maintaining "economic activity and access to key services during extreme weather" (DfT 2016).

Programme of works

Programmes of works covering a 3 year period.

Fees and charges

Highways fees and charges 2017 - 2018 (PDF 193 KB)

Transport asset management plan

Sets out how the County Council intends to maintain and improve the transport asset network in Lancashire over the period 2015/16 to 2029/30.

Transport asset management - review of service standards

Service standards are set to provide standards to measure the condition of our assets against

Highway asset communication strategy

Covering both the delivery of highway maintenance service and the asset information and decision making (Word 21.5 KB)

Highway asset information strategy

The Highways Asset Information Strategy has been developed to ensure reliable information on the type, number and condition of assets and sufficient quality data for lifecycle planning and maintenance options, scheme selection and works prioritisation.

How are we doing?

Life in Lancashire survey results for transport (PDF 1.14 MB)