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Additional highway funding to respond to severe weather damage

The Secretary of State announced in March 2014 that the Department for Transport was making £140m available to local highways authorities in England to repair damage caused to the local road network by the recent severe weather. Of this funding Lancashire County Council has received £2.279m which will be used to support structural patching and surface dressing on our A, B and C road network.

This funding is in addition to the annual funding awarded to Lancashire County Council for local highway maintenance by the Department for Transport.

We are currently developing a Transport Asset Management Plan (TAMP) to ensure that the benefit of highway funding is maximised by targeting resources at maintenance treatments that will deliver the best long term effects.  Our TAMP is based on managing our assets on a holistic basis and recognises the relative importance that each asset group contributes towards our goal of delivering an effective transport system which is crucial to achieving our broader economic, social and environmental goals.

In light of available resources, our TAMP identifies the classified road (A, B and C), footway and cycleway networks as our main priorities in the short to medium term. The additional funding will therefore be used to support a programme of work on our A, B and C network focusing on those areas which will benefit from structural patching and surface dressing. Structural patching removes potholes and other defects and can prepare the road surface for surface dressing which then gives the road an extended life reducing the occurrence of potholes for many years. By targeting lengths of the A, B and C road network at the optimum time we can cover the greatest length of network to the greatest effect possible with this funding.