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Meet The Team

Meet The Team



The following staff work across Ribbleton and Sunshine Children's Centres and New Hall Lane Drop-In:-

 Ribbleton Children's Centre - 01772 539444

Sunshine Children's Centre - 01772 539443

 New Hall Lane Drop-In - 01772 539442

Jane Baxter, Centre Manager

As the Centre Manager my main priorities are to ensure that we deliver high quality services related to the Core Offer:

Early Years childcare and education for all children from 0-5;
Family support and outreach;
Child and family health services;
Links with schools and Children’s Information Services (CIS);
Links with Jobcentre Plus.
Multi-agency and partnership working are at the centre of our work and we do this very well.
My background is in education and I have been a teacher, specialising in Early Years for over 20 years. I love working with and supporting children and families, as well as colleagues. I am particularly interested in helping families with children who have Special Educational Needs. I am a good listener and am always willing to help, if I can.

Wenda, Extended Services Manager

I'm the Extended Services Manager for Ribbleton and Sunshine Children's Centre's, I'm responsible for managing and supporting the Outreach Workers as well as supporting the other Managers in the daily running of the Centre's. I manage the day to day running of the projects we are piloting and I also work with all partnership agencies to ensure we offer the best possible services for our families.


Lisa, Business & Finance Officer

I'm responsible for managing the administrative team across Sunshine and Ribbleton Children's Centres.  I'm also responsible for monitoring the finances at Ribbleton Children's Centre and for implementing administrative systems across the Centres to ensure they run smoothly.  It is also my job to ensure all Health & Safety requirements are in place across the Centres.

Jackie, Finance Officer

I am responsible for finances at Sunshine Children's Centre and assist with administrative work at both Sunshine and Preston East Children's Centres.

Beverley & Susan, Business Support Officers

Beverley Richardson & Susan Stephenson

We are job sharers and part of the reception/administrative team at Ribbleton Children's Centre.  Our role involves welcoming families and professionals to the Children's Centre and supporting staff by carrying out all administrative work.

Michelle, Business Support Officer

I am the Clerical Officer and Receptionist at Sunshine Children's Centre. As 'front of house' receptionist, I am the first point of contact for all our service users dealing directly with them face-to-face.  I also help deal with general enquiries over the telephone.  My role involves providing administration support across our various teams including occasional reception cover at Ribbleton Children's Centre.

Safraz, Teacher

As a Teacher within Ribbleton Children's Centre, working within a private nursery, my role is to develop and implement activities that are in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. I'm also responsible for assessing the children to ensure that their individual needs can be met.  Along with my team, I also organise and develop the nursery learning environment and resources in order to facilitate learning for children.

Mary, Outreach Worker

 I am an Outreach Worker for both Ribbleton and Sunshine Children's Centre's.  I also support our Health Team colleagues at the Baby Clinic at Ribbleton Children’s Centre, providing support and information to families with young babies. I run the Baby Massage groups at Ribbleton and Sunshine Children's Centre on Tuesdays.

Wendy, Outreach Worker

Wendy is currently on maternity leave. 

Natalie, Outreach Worker

I am currently on maternity leave.

Safia, Outreach Support Worker

I'm an Outreach Support Worker based at Sunshine Children's Centre.  As well as this, I also run two 'Pick & Mix' groups.  I enjoy working with the families and children who are involved with the Children's Centres.

Emily, Outreach Support Worker

I am an Outreach Support Worker based at Ribbleton Children's Centre. I run the Pick & Mix group on Thursdays at Ribbleton.  I support the Midwives booking clinic at Ribbleton and also visit families in the community offering home safety advice.


Mel, Outreach Support Worker

 I am an Outreach Worker and I work across both Ribbleton and Sunshine Children's Centres. I offer support to families in their homes and in our centres and signpost to other agencies. I also co-run the Dads Den group at Ribbleton Children's Centre.

Anih, Outreach Support Worker

I am an Outreach Support Worker for both Ribbleton and Sunshine Children's Centres. I run Messy Play on Tuesday mornings at Ribbleton and Active Tots on Wednesday mornings at Grange Primary School. I also visit families in the community for registration, early notification and red book visits. I offer help and advice in respect of home safety, as well as promoting what the Children's Centre has to offer to families.

Hamida, Outreach Support Worker

I am an Outreach Support Worker and I work across, both Ribbleton and Sunshine Children's Centre's. I also, am the centre's Speech and Language Champion and I support families that may be concerned with their children's language development. I enjoy running "Simon Says……..", which is speech and language group . I provide Outreach Support to families during new baby and home safety Visits.

Dawn, Outreach Support Worker

I work as an Outreach Support Worker across Ribbleton and Sunshine children's centres. I run the Messy Play group at Sunshine Children's Centre on Wednesday afternoons, Baby Play at the New Hall Lane Drop In on Thursday mornings and the Simon Says speech and language group at the Drop-In on Thursday afternoons.  I also visit new families for registration visits and offer help and advice on home safety. 

Helen, Outreach Worker

I am an Outreach Worker for Sunshine and Ribbleton Children's Centre's.  My role is to support families either in the Centre or their homes.  I can advise parents about our services,  and sign post them to other agencies who are best equipped to meet their needs.  I can offer support around routines & boundaries, child development, home safety, finance and housing.   I am currently covering the SEN champion's role for both Centre's, I can provide support with sensory play and offer advice for further support/signposting. 

Elaine, Outreach Support Worker

I'm an outreach support workers fo Ribbleton and Sunshine Children's Centres.  I run the counselling crèche at the Drop-in Centre, and I'm also involved in the running of the Pick and Mix group at Fishwick School on a Monday afternoon, Ribbleton Library Story time on a Wednesday morning, and Jumping Jacks at West View on Thursdays.  I also visit families in the community for registration, early notifications, and red book visits, and I offer help and advice with home safety as well as promoting the Children's Centre on what it has to offer families and children.


Donna, Outreach Support Worker

I am an Outreach Support Worker at Sunshine and Ribbleton. I run and help with the following groups Messy Play at Sunshine and Jumping Jacks at West view.

I also visit families in their homes when a new baby arrives and again when baby is around 8 months old for a Home Safety Visit. I also do some Outreach work when you need some support and a friendly face J

Lisa, Counsellor

I am the Counsellor at the Centre and the approach I practice is "person centred."  In a safe and confidential environment.  The client is supported to explore their feelings and emotions and work towards a more stable and fulfilling way of life. Referrals are accepted for all those registered with the Centre and we aim to not have clients wait any longer than 3 months. Sessions are for an hour each week on an unlimited time basis. I also offer and support students in the final stages of counselling training and hold a qualification in fieldwork supervision.

Leona, Apprentice Outreach Support Worker

I am currently an Apprentice Outreach Support Worker based at the Sunshine and Ribbleton's Children's Centres. My roles include visiting families to complete Early Notification visits, Red Book visits and Home Safety visits, to ensure parents and babies' health and wellbeing. I also enjoy helping colleagues run groups, including Baby Play and Messy play.

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