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Castercliff Camp

Scheduled Ancient Monument - Castercliff Camp

Map of Castercliff Camp

District: Pendle
Name : Castercliff Camp, Nelson.
Description: Iron age hillfort with hut circles, but somewhat scarred by mining.

Castercliff is a small multivallate hillfort of Iron Age date. It is located on an eminence overlooking the Calder Valley and includes an oval-shaped internal plateau measuring approximately 115m by 76m that is enclosed on all sides except the north by three rubble ramparts, each up to 1.5m high and situated on the slope of the hill, with an external ditch up to 1.5m deep in front of each. The maximum width of the whole rampart and ditch system is approximately 46m. On the north side the defences are incomplete and consist in the main of a single rampart and ditch. However some short lengths of triple rampart and ditch separated by areas of undisturbed ground are also visible here. Limited excavation of the defences indicated that the inner rampart was revetted with stone and also timber-laced.


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