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Quality Assurance

Lancashire have revised and created their own QA framework, which is currently at consultation stages. We hope to have the finalised documents ready before the end of March.

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Common Assessment Framework

Common Assessment Framework (CAF) and Lead Professional (LP)

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The Common Assessment Framework [CAF] is a key tool in the early identification of children and young people and families who may experience problems or who are vulnerable to poor outcomes and underpins the work of Early Support.

The Lancashire CAF  has been refreshed to incorporates a whole family approach involving an assessment and plan against the needs of an individual child, young person or as part of a family
It has been simplified form with a three part approach and multiple children or young people will now be included in a single family CAF
CAF Form
The CAF looks at the family’s strengths and needs.  It aims to build resilience and reduce dependency.
  • PART 1 - Family Demographics
    - completed once per family
  • PART 2 - Child Assessment
    - completed once per Child or Young Person
  • PART 3 - Family Action Plan
    - completed once per Family.
The launch of the new CAF and Continuum of Need [CON] with associated refreshed processes went live on 31 October 2013. 
A CAF e-learning module has been developed, to give staff foundation and background knowledge to the changes and can be accessed by visiting http://cypvle.lancsngfl.ac.uk
We are currently identifying and training sector specific CAF Champions to deliver the 1 day CAF Rollout Training within your organisation which you can only attend t once you have passed the CAF e-learning module.
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