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Margaret's story

Margaret's story

Margaret cared for her husband who had Parkinson’s disease at home for 11 years. When Margaret fractured her ankle her husband moved into a care home but unfortunately during this time passed away. Following her husband's death Margaret had another fall in which she badly bruised her left arm and shoulder. The accident badly affected Margaret's confidence; she was at a low ebb and spent most of her time in bed relying heavily on her niece for support.

From being someone who was able to do most things on her own she found it increasingly difficult to dress and wash herself as well as cope with daily household tasks. She found it hard to eat and drink and was losing weight which affected the way she felt about herself and her situation. Margaret admitted that since her husband’s death she felt very sad and lonely and she didn’t want to do anything for herself.
Margaret had not previously received any care services, but after a talk during her assessment with our Reablement service she understood and recognised that staying independent was very important to her, she wanted to shower herself, cook her own meals and increase her appetite to improve her mobility and strength. These wishes where agreed in Margaret's Reablement Plan which focused on personal care, preparing meals and increase her mobility. Margaret was also very keen to still receive support from her niece so this was included in her plan.
At first Margaret was a little apprehensive about having Reablement Assistant coming in to her home but was keen to regain her daily living skills. However, Margaret said, as it was always the same people visiting she felt she soon learned to trust them.
The Reablement Team worked very closely with NHS colleagues to improve the aspects of Margaret’s life she had discussed in her Reablement plan.
  • A dietician provided advice on increasing appetite and weight gain.
  • The physiotherapist provided strengthening exercises and walking equipment
Our Reablement team showed (or retrained) Margaret how to:
  • shower in the morning after breakfast as identified in her 'Reablement plan'
    • get in and out of the shower safely.
  • prepare breakfast and had two more daily visits to help prepare her lunch and evening meal
  • write a shopping list which her niece collected
  • exercise at lunchtime and early evening because in the first few weeks because she felt a little too tired to do them after showering in the morning.
 After three weeks support Margaret was very pleased with her progress, she stated that the team helped her want to get better and supported her to feel determined to do so. Margaret's progress continued well and at her review she asked for some support to get out and about again down to the local shops. Our service increased our support to include a one and half hourly visit each week to assist Margaret to achieve this goal. Margaret enjoys her walks out and said she felt safe with the Reablement carers. Margaret's niece joined her in her walks to the local shops which pleased Margaret who said that it gave her a sense of "well being".
Our team discussed household tasks like cleaning with Margaret and she agreed that we could help her find a private cleaner through Help Direct. Our team also help Margaret to find a meal delivery service so she could have a substantial meal twice a week which also gave Margaret a break from cooking. 

At the end of our support Margaret was able to shower on her own, prepare light meals for herself and go out and about with her niece. Margaret was confident enough to manage on her own again with a little help from a meal delivery (twice weekly) and a private cleaner.

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