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The Lancashire County Archaeological Service was established to provide a strategic framework for the protection of historical and archaeological sites in Lancashire, along with a day-to-day advice, information, and consultancy service. We do not undertake commercial fieldwork projects such as excavation, building recording or field survey. Specialist archaeological contractors, working to appropriate guidelines, normally carry these out.

We maintain the Lancashire Historic Environment Record, an index to over 30,000 known archaeological sites, ranging from medieval castle sites to textile mills and workers cottages, and from findspots of prehistoric tools to the earthworks of a deserted village and WWII pillboxes. Historic landscape, townscape and buildings information is also held as well as aerial photographs and many reports on archaeological fieldwork and buidling recording. 

We operate a development control advice service for the local planning authorities across the county, examining all planning applications and development proposals submitted. We provide advice on the importance of the proposed development building or site, the probable impact of the development and any archaeological investigations, recording, or other actions required. We also provide advice to developers and householders, to help them plan their proposed works and minimise any possible archaeological impact (and costs).

Our services are used by members of the public, the County Council and Local Planning Authorities, as well as other land managers and grant awarding bodies (such as The Forestry Commission and The Environment Agency), fellow archaeologists and academic researchers. Depending upon the scale and purpose of the enquiry, we may have to make a charge for providing the service. Initial enquiries and personal research are normally free.

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