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Preston to Longridge

Preston to Longridge Disused Railway

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Site Description

The Preston to Longridge site is located to the north west of Preston and follows the line of the former Preston to Longridge railway.

The aim of the first phase of the project is the development of a shared use footpath/cyclepath along the former railway from the M6 footbridge (near Sulby Drive, Riblbleton, Preston) to Preston Road in Grimsagh Village. This new path will link with the existing cycle path which runs from West View Leisure Centre in Preston to the M6 bridge.

Further long term phases of the project may include reclamation of the disused operational railway line from West View Leisure Centre to Preston City Centre and the creation of a signed route from Grimsargh Village to Longridge.

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Site Boundary

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Current Status

The Phase 1 project involves the reclamation of the section of former railway between the M6 footbridge (at Ribbleton, Preston) to Grimsargh Village which is located to the north west of Preston. English Partnerships have reclaimed a section of the railway from the motorway footbridge to Bluebell Way (B6242) but the current unbound stone surface is in need of improvement. The section between Bluebell Way and Preston Road, Grimsargh has not been reclaimed. The width of the former railway varies along this section. In sections of former railway cuttings the site width is relatively narrow and is heavily vegetated. In other embankment sections informal desire line paths have been created and appear well used. The site is charcterised by a stone wall on the northern boundary and drainage ditch.

Previous Use

Former railway between Preston and Longridge, with a branch line to Whittingham Hospital.

Proposed Use

The project will result in the provision of a safe off-road cycle/footpath between the M6 footbridge and Grimsargh Village. The shared use path will provide access from Preston to Grimsargh Village and will include links to the Hills Housing Estate, the existing footpath and public right of way network and the exsiting cycle path from the M6 motorway bridge to West View Leisure centre.

The path can be used for recreational use allowing access to the countryside to the north of Preston whilst also being an excellent commuter route for people accessing the employment sites at Millennium City, Preston East, Red Scar and Rough Hey. School children within Grimsargh will be able to use the path to travel to St Michaels school avoiding the busy Longridge/Preston Road. The completed path will also form an important 'spoke' of the Preston Guild Wheel Cycle Project enabling easy access to other areas of the city by bicycle and foot.

Aerial Photo

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Planning permission for the Phase 1 project has already been granted. Preston City Council engineers are currently progressing detailed design. The path will be a bitumen surface and will be lit. REMADE has funded initial site inviestigations and the completion of an ecological mitigation scheme.

The aim of the design is to create a shared use path and wildlife corridor. Works will include ecological mitigation and enhancement. On completion, it is expected that the site will be maintained by Lancashire County Council as an adopted cycle track.


Works on phase 1 of the project have been completed.

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