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REMADE, which stands for REclamation and MAnagement of DErelict land, is managed by Lancashire County Council and funded by the Northwest Development Agency as part of their commitment to tackling the region’s derelict land problem. A quarter of all derelict land in England is located in the North West and it is a blight on people’s lives, harms the image of the area and deters investment.

Lancashire has over 2,400 hectares of derelict brownfield land, split more or less equally between East Lancashire and Lancashire West. This dereliction, made up of former industrial sites, old railways, disused reservoirs and tips, is very harmful to our environment. It can be a source of pollution, a hazard to people living nearby and makes an area look run down and neglected. It also has an adverse economic impact, reducing property prices and making the area less attractive to visit and invest in.
REMADE is a multi million pound project with a target to reclaim 25% of this derelict land by 2011. It is aimed at larger areas of derelict land, with sites identified ranging in size from about 1 hectare to over 30 hectares. Over 300 hectares of derelict, under-used and neglected land which has been left spoilt by previous development, will be cleaned up and turned into quality public spaces like parks, sports and play areas, cycle paths and bridleways and informal recreation facilities for people to enjoy.
The following pages will show how we are meeting this ambitious target.

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