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When we offer school places

School places for September 2017 admissions will be announced for:

  • secondary schools on 1 March 2017
  • primary schools on 16 April 2017

We email school offers to you and you can also check online. We can't confirm results with you over the phone due to data protection.

Check primary school offers from 16 April

Having problems

Check our help page if you are having problems logging in or viewing your school offer.

Late applications

If you applied late or submitted a paper application form you'll receive your offer by post after the official offer date.

If you have not received your offer letter by Friday 21 April please contact the Area Education Office.

What happens next

You don't need to confirm the place with us. However, the school or academy may contact you to confirm the place, please respond if they contact you direct.

If the offer is not one of your preferred schools or academies this is because other applicants had higher priority within the determined admission arrangements.


You can appeal the decision or add your child's name to waiting lists for other schools. 

The situation will change for many families as the reserve list and appeal processes roll forward.

If you have made alternative arrangements for your child's education please contact the Area Education Office by letter or email as soon as possible.  This will allow any places which become available to be offered to other families who are on reserve lists.

Contact us

If you need any further information or advice please contact your Area Education Office.

If you're having problems logging in or viewing your school offer, see our help page.

Help with school costs

New to primary school

Once you know which school your child will go to, you can check whether they will be eligible for free school meals or free travel to school.

New to secondary school

If your child already gets free school meals you don't need to apply again. We regularly check that children are still entitled to the meals and will let you know if you are no longer eligible.

If you are applying for the first time check the eligibility for free school meals and how to apply.

If we think your child is eligible for free travel to school we will send you an application form (usually in May). If you have not received your form by 31 May and think you may be entitled then please contact the School Traveline on 0300 123 6738.