LPS CARE - LPS PH Emotional & Mental Health in Schools and Colleges Support Service in Lancashire - RFQ 15190413

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The Emotional and Mental Health in Schools and Colleges Support Service will provide support and advice to staff employed in an educational setting working with young people (primary school, Year 6 to colleges)  in order that they can adopt better support and manage the emotional health and wellbeing for staff members and students.  The Service will enable staff to;                                   

Manage their own wellbeing;                                                                        
Enable students to self-manage their wellbeing;                                        
Promote positive mental health to young people and colleagues;                                                     Understand the importance of mental wellbeing;                                                          
Build resilience; helping them to cope with difficult situations;                                    
Support the identification of at risk children and children exhibiting signs of mental health problems; Reduce stigma of mental health within the workplace;                                                             Measure and monitor student wellbeing;                                                                                       Implement a whole school approach to maximising emotional and mental health and wellbeing in accordance with the Green Paper Transforming Children and Young People's Mental Health Provision (2017);
Oversee the outcomes of interventions on children and young people's wellbeing

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Lancashire County Council

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iSupplier Portal (Sourcing Supplier)

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Jackie Riley

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01772 531282

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10.00 am on 20/03/2018

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10.00 am on 20/03/2018

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10:00 am on 20/03/2018

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RFQ 15190413

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The Emotional and Mental Health in Schools and Colleges Support Service Contract is initially for 2 years with the option for extend for a further 12 months.