Local member grants

The deadline to apply to the Local Member Grant Scheme for 2017/18 is Wednesday 14 March 2018 at 5pm. We must receive your application by this time in order to process it. Please read the guidance notes provided below and in the supporting documents for more information on how to apply.

Who can apply

Local groups working with local people that meet the following criteria:

  • have a constitution, set of rules, or articles of association in place
  • have a group bank account
  • be a not-for-profit organisation

Please note that meeting the eligibility criteria does not automatically mean that you will be awarded funds. The decision on how to allocate their grants budget is the responsibility of each individual county councillor.

Who can't apply

  • parish and town councils
  • individuals
  • schools, colleges, academies or universities - however we can fund parent, teachers and friends associations

What we can't fund

  • religious activities - we will follow the principles of the county council's Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector compact when considering what constitutes religious activity
    • political activities - however groups involved in community campaigns may apply provided that their campaign is not associated with a political party.
    • animal welfare
    • research
    • core funding; for example staffing, salary costs and office rental

Minimum application

  • The minimum application is £100.
  • The minimum amount awarded is £100.

Other things you need to consider

Double funding is not permitted. If you are making an application to a few organisations for the same event or equipment please contact us for advice before sending the local member grant form.

Retrospective funding is not permitted. This means that any expenditure made prior to the approval of the grant application will not be accepted. If your application for funding is urgent, please contact us.

Applications for funding in support of working directly with children or vulnerable adults will only be accepted from organisations with child/vulnerable adult protection policies and full Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly Criminal Records Bureau and Independent Safeguarding Authority) clearance for the individuals involved.

Any application that is unlawful or is contrary to Lancashire County Council policies and procedures will not be funded.

You may submit more than one application in a 12 month period but the application must not relate to the same project/scheme.

More information is available in the guidance accompanying the application form or you can contact us.

How to apply

You will need to submit an application form and supporting documents to prove your group meets the criteria. The application form details what documentation you need to provide. If you don't have all the documentation you may still be able to apply. Please contact the grants team to discuss.

You can send the form and supporting documents via email. However, you will still need to send us an actual copy of the signed declaration sheet and funding agreement (two of the sections in the application form).

You can apply to multiple councillors but you need to be clear that your application benefits all the people in all the councillors' electoral divisions. If you apply to more than one councillor you can include all the councillors on one application form instead of sending separate forms.

Please note:

An incomplete application can cause delays in processing.

We cannot be held responsible for applications missing the deadline due to being held up in the external mail. Please ensure you use the correct postage amount.

What happens after the decision is made

You will receive a letter informing you of the county councillor's decision.

If the funding has been awarded to you, you need to allow three to four weeks after receiving the letter for the payment to be made into your group's bank account.

As soon as you receive the letter informing you of the county councillor's decision you are able to make the purchases you planned to make with the funds awarded.

You can use your group's own funds to do this whilst you are waiting for the money to be paid. Any receipts must be dated after the date of the councillor's decision.

This date is shown in the letter sent to you.

Please keep the receipts. Our monitoring team will ask you to provide these and a copy of your group's bank statement showing the award being paid in and the money being spent.

If the cost is less than anticipated or you don't spend the money because of a cancellation for example, please contact the grants team. Don't spend the money without contacting us first as you may need to return the funds.

Contact us

Grants Team
Lancashire County Council
Office of the Chief Executive
County Hall

Email: lptlocalmembergrants@lancashire.gov.uk

Telephone: 01772 533 110

Application pack and guidance

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