Our children

Our children waiting for adoption are of different ages and from different backgrounds.

Children waiting for adoption

The following profiles will help to give you an idea of Lancashire children that are ready to be adopted. These stories are based on some typical children's profiles that our social workers described and are illustrated by models.

Adam and Maya

Adam is seven years old and his sister Maya is six. They currently live together with foster carers.

Nathan and Joseph

Three-and-a-half year-old Nathan and his half-brother Joseph (11 months) are affectionate and loving and they need adopters who mirror these qualities.

Michael and Christina

Brother and sister, Michael and Christina, needed to stay together. We found them an adoptive family where they could.

Craig, Lisa and David

Brothers and sister Craig, Lisa and David were adopted together in a family so they could stay together with the permanence and stability they needed.


Jack is living with Best for Baby - concurrent carers while the courts decide whether he will return to his birth family or be adopted.


Azhar was a two year old little boy, living with his foster carer, when we found the adoptive family that suited his needs the best.


Summer was a confident and assertive five year old and was adopted in a family who were experienced in caring for children.


Scott is a 15-month-old happy and smiley baby boy with big blue eyes and blonde hair.


Bradley is a very affectionate and lovable three-year-old little boy.


Ryan is a three-year old boy of mixed heritage who was placed with foster carers from birth.


Xena is a 20-month-old little girl of dual heritage (white British/unknown Asian) who has been with foster carers since birth.

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