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Serious Case Review sub-group

Core Membership

  • Adult Social care
  • Health (CCG and hospital trusts)
  • Police
  • Safeguarding Children Representative
  • Safeguarding Adults Coordinator
  • Legal adviser

Chair:Board Member

Reports to

Lancashire Safeguarding Adults Board

Frequency of meetings

Monthly or as required. 
For a meeting to be quorate, either the Chair must be in attendance, plus three other members. There must be representation from a minimum of three agencies.

Overall statement

The Serious Case Review sub committee advises the Safeguarding Adults Board on processes, procedures and outcomes in relation to conducting Serious Case Reviews under the Board's agreed guidance for conducting Serious Case Reviews.

Terms of reference

  • To ensure that strict confidentiality is maintained in relation to information relating to individual vulnerable adults. Although the minutes of meetings will be available for access, a section of the minutes relating to personal information will be defined as confidential and restricted to group members only.
  • To receive and consider referrals of new cases against the criteria for holding a case review and make recommendations to the Chair of the Board
  • In individual cases, to advise on the constitution of panels, to set terms of reference and to monitor progress of the reviews, especially with regard to timescales.
  • To receive draft overview reports and discuss with panel chairs any suggested amendments. To present an executive summary report to the Board, together with a recommendation on action planning.
  • To ensure that local procedures comply with any national guidance and to produce new guidelines and documents as required.
  • To receive the overview report on completed reviews and to advise on its distribution.
  • To monitor compliance with recommendations of completed reviews for a period of 12 months after publication of the overview report (or as agreed with the Board)
  • To monitor and audit management action plans arising from the recommendations of Serious Case Reviews and report to the Board.
  • To read reports of reviews published nationally and make recommendations on lessons arising from these.
  • To disseminate information and practice issues arising from Serious Case Reviews to agencies and informing the Training and Development sub committee of training needs.
  • To provide a report to each meeting of the Board of relevant work undertaken.


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